Why We Love Wood Floors...

Why We Love Wood Floors... 

Longevity is very high on our list of reasons we love wood floors. As it is for just about anyone blessed with wood floors in their home. The fact that a properly installed, finished and maintained wood floor can add so much character to a home - literally for decades - is a great reason for anyone to love their wood floor. 

I recently posed this same question to one of our customers, Bob Van Briggle, a top-notch wood flooring professional from Campbell, CA who runs Van Briggle Floors. Bob said that when you get right down to it that he loves wood floors essentially because each one of them is a little piece of his legacy. Bob said that he loved that the floors he creates will outlast him and provide their owners with years of enjoyment. "I recently did a floor for a grand-daughter of one of my early customers" he said with a smile. For Bob, wood floors are his lasting stamp on the world.  

Character No other flooring option can match the character, impact and warmth of a beautifully finished and maintained wood floor. Admittedly, we are a bit biased, but we are confident in our opinion. Besides painting your home, what other home maintenance project can you think of that can dramatically transform the look of your entire home more than having your wood floors sanded, stained, and refinished? With thousands of options to choose from, the look of a standard sized home can be completely updated for a few thousand bucks. And, especially if you use our cleaning products, it is an investment that will last you for years and years. 

Health is another reason we love wood floors. Wood floors by themselves help maintain indoor air quality. Add our eco-friendly cleaning products to the mix, and you really are doing yourself and your family a favor. To us, carpeting is a four letter word. The fact is, when you clean a wood floor, you know it is clean. There are no trapped allergens or dust mites. They are gone, kaput, nada. To us, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that the environment you provide for your family is not only built to last, but is as clean and healthy as possible.

Sustainability is a perhaps the most important attribute of wood floors that makes me love them. To be completely honest, I think I love wood floors because I love trees. In general, Arboritec seems to have quite a few tree-huggers on our staff! You see, Arboritec was founded in Sweden, a stunningly beautiful country that is literally blanketed by dense forests. In the US, our headquarters is nestled just outside of Denver within a stone's throw from some of America's most beautiful wooded areas. Here in California, where I write to you today, the diversity and beauty of our old growth forests is truly breathtaking. I like knowing that US forests have generally been stable since the 1920s when timber clearing for agricultural use was largely halted. At Arboritec you see, we have our "roots" in a deep and abiding love of trees - as well as devotion to the environment of our planet. 

From this love, we are inspired to develop products that help the natural beauty of floors made from wood shine for years and years. Our durable, ceramic-fortified, water borne finishes are designed to make your floors last as long as possible, and our cleaners help them remain stunning. The key distinction between Arboritec's products and many others on the market comes down to the choices we make in how they are formulated for you. Our products are developed in an environmentally responsible manner and they are solvent-free, non-toxic, and very safe for use in households with children and pets. For too long, the flooring industry has relied on products formulated from petrochemical sources. While these products may perform a similar function to clean and protect, we feel they accomplish it in a manner that is truly not good for the planet, not good for you, and not good your family.

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