Why We Love Area Rugs...

In our last post, we touched on some of the reasons why we love wood floors and also why we do not care for carpeting. We tend to agree with many of the comments made in Ian Howarth's Wood Floors Put a Home's Best Foot Forward article recently in the Montreal Gazette. He points out that the trend is that "carpeting has been ripped up to reveal beautiful flooring that's been hidden for years in older homes. In newer or recently built homes, condos and apartments, the wood floor has either been replaced, rejuvenated or, in the case of the condo, chosen by the buyer in advance."

One floor covering option that is a natural complement to a beautifully restored and maintained wood floor however are area rugs. Area rugs go with a wood floor like chocolate and peanut butter - they are a match made in heaven. Whether you call them Persian carpets, oriental rugs, decorative rugs, or just plain area rugs, they serve to partition off areas of large rooms, provide additional comfort, warmth, and character to a room with a wood floor. Further, our customers can feel confident using our line of wood floor cleaners to maintain the wood floor around their area rugs. Our products are non-toxic and safe, environmentally sound, and engineered to bring out the best from your wood floor. For instance, the telescoping aluminum mop handle in our wood floor care kit in combination with the spray and mist settings on the well designed spray nozzle allow you to effectively and evenly control the application of cleaner on your wood floors and around your area rugs. 

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