As the exclusive manufacturer of ceramic-fortified waterborne finishes for wood floors, we are proud to have customers like Brian Johnston. We're thankful to Brian for allowing us share his comments with the rest of you after meeting with our Northwest sales representative Frank Lazzara:

"The day following our meeting I went down to Brosson [] and purchased some Vibrant sealer and Avenue ceramic fortified wood floor finish. The staff there was extremely friendly and even offered to deliver products to me for convenience. Also, the cost was not bad either. 

 As for what I think of it? Amazing! After applying well over 1000 coats of waterborne finish I can tell a lot about a product simply based on its feel when laying it down. Clearly, Arboritec is in a league of its own. I am extremely impressed and have been excited in telling my customers that I've found THE finish for the their floors. I am very pleased to have discovered your company and it's line of products. It's truly great stuff!"
Vibrant with Avenue

We are lucky to work with people like Brian. His company Sound Sand & Finish LLC is a full service hardwood flooring company located in Bothell, Washington. 

Sound Sand & Finish offers quality installations, seamless repairs & expert wood floor refinishing services to the greater Seattle area. Brian has been applying green principles and methodologies to their service by exclusively using water based finish and utilizing hardwood materials that have been harvested from locations deemed sustainable through responsible foresting and verified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) since 2002.

You can reach Brian at 425-487-9934 or visit his website at

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