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Golden State Flooring and Arboritec USA recently announced an exclusive distribution agreement to supply ceramic fortified wood floor finishes to the California market. To kick off our collaboration, a series of technical workshops were held at Golden State Flooring’s impressive wood flooring supply facilities in San Jose and San Diego, CA.

Do You Know the Way?

Mark Mukosiej, Arboritec’s senior-most wood flooring technical support specialist was on hand to showcase Arboritec’s line of ceramic-fortified waterborne finishes. Demonstration boards in the San Jose showroom floors were sanded down to raw wood. Chris Lamb and Jason Grant of Golden State Flooring helped Mark demonstrate sealing the floors with Arboritec’s First Coat sealer using a roller. Arboritec’s waterborne sealers and finishes have extremely low foaming properties that allow for a variety of application techniques.

“Rolling our sealers and finishes is definitely a viable application technique with our products,” said Runno Allikivi, President and CEO of Arboritec, USA. “We are happy to hear from many contractors who use our line that it is very forgiving.”

Allen Smith,President of Golden State Flooring said, “Our customers are really pleased with the product from a functionality, benefit, and value perspective. It flows out nicely and seems to find its own level really well. We are very pleased to be able to offer Arboritec’s line of products to our customers.”

Once the sealer dried, the team abraded it with 150G sanding discs on top of a maroon pad to promote powdering with additional cool air flow. After vacuuming and tacking, the team applied an initial coat of Avenue 20 with a T- bar and left it to dry overnight. The next morning additional coats of Avenue 20, Arboritec’s commercial grade, two-component low-gloss satin finish, were applied. A variety of wood flooring contractors observed, asked questions, and learned first-hand from the team of supportive professionals at Golden State Flooring and Arboritec.

You Stay Classy San Diego!

Mark shifted gears for the visit to Golden State’s San Diego facilities. Arboritec’s Clean & Coat system was demonstrated instead. Tim Miller of Golden State was also interested in showing his customers how Arboritec’s finishes could blend with dry lines.

The team taped off a border on prepared demonstration boards and coated them first. When that dried, they reversed the procedure and coated the field. An audience of contractors observed and participated in them demonstration of how easily Arboritec’s products blend with dry lines.

The San Diego contractor audience was also impressed by the demonstration of how to roll Avenue finishes.Once the initial coat dried, the floors were abraded with a 150G sanding disc and the second coat of Avenue was rolled. Avenue 50 was selected for the demonstration in San Diego, the semi-gloss version of the Avenue line.

The good showing of contractors and the sharing of the expertise from both Golden State Flooring locations and Arboritec USA made for a very fun and rewarding few days of technical training and knowledge exchange. Our warm thanks go out to all who participated.

For additional information about purchasing Arboritec sealers and finishes in California, feel free to contact Golden State Flooring:

in San Jose: 
1060 Commercial Street, Suite 101, San Jose CA 95112. T: (408) 392-0801
in San Diego: 
5673 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego, California 92123. T: (858) 467- 9663

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