I Love It...Don't Touch A Thing!

The Mazurek's were at a crossroads...

Tonya and her husband Ted recently bought a well-built, existing ranch style home in the upscale Denver area neighborhood of Littleton with the idea of remodeling it to make it truly their own.  With an ample yard, enough room for their active family to spread out and a golf course out back, the house had many features they really liked. With a few changes to walls, wood floors and the kitchen, Tonya saw the potential for her new home to quickly become not only updated, but very comfortable and suited to their needs.

The Mazurek's are an "active household" - full of plenty of comings and goings, impromptu social events, two sport-focused teenage boys, an energetic daughter, and a sizable friendly pup. Given the level of activity, her floors needed to be able to withstand fairly demanding use.

Unfortunately, Tonya ran into a hiccup with her flooring project along the way to remodeling her home.

Pressed for time, she unfortunately chose to initially work with a contractor who seemed more interested in refinishing her floors to look the way he would want them if they were his - rather than listening to what she truly was after.

I wasn't looking for a floor that looked like every other floor in the neighborhood, but my first contractor kept trying to go there. I'm not a fan of the yellowed, shiny look so many wood floors have. I wanted something distinct.  It was very frustrating knowing what you are after but working with  someone who wasn't able to get on the same page.

- Tonya Mazurek

After a great number of complications and missteps, Tonya finally reached out to Arboritec for assistance. We first established an understanding of the current status of the project, her wishes, and current challenges. Arboritec then decided to bring Joe Rocco of Artistic Floors by Design to the table to address Tonya's true needs and wishes, and help her achieve a floor her active family could truly call their own.

I presented Tonya with Arboritec's line of penetrating finishes because of the look she was after. I prepared a sample using white Miracle Oil on top of her oak floors. It made the grain really brighten up and pop, adding a lot of character and visual interest without adding a lot of sheen. She wanted a natural European look, so keeping the gloss level down was important.   Because Miracle Oil is able to be top coated, I knew that even if she wanted to add an additional layer of protection or even a little more sheen, that I could use one of Arboritec's 2 component finishes on top of the Miracle Oil even after she saw the first stage with the penetrating oil.

- Joe Rocco, Artistic Floors By Design


Do you have any advice for others starting the process of refinishing their floors to help ensure all goes smoothly?


Joe of Artistic Floors has been absolutely great. I wish I had connected with him from the very beginning. So my advice would be to spend more time up front researching options for contractors. Get recommendations from friends and sites like Angie's List can be helpful. Definitely don't just go with the first company to offer a quote. Make sure you find someone who will address your needs and wants, not just deliver a copy of their last job. In general, make sure you have heard from at least two sources you trust before choosing who you will work with. Also, don't choose solely based on price, make sure it is a good fit. If you are working with a general contractor for other aspects of your remodel, the more smoothly and predictable your flooring project is, the better for all concerned.


How much did your floors generally factor into the remodeling plans for your home?


The kitchen, the walls, and the floors were my priorities. Besides painting, I knew I could totally transform the feel of our entire home by addressing the floors in a creative way. I really like the simplicity and elegance of a matte finished floor with more of a European look and feel.  Once Joe and I spoke and established a common vision of what I was after, it was off to the races.

I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw my new floor. I was floored! I think my first words to Joe were,"I love it! Don't touch a thing!"


That's wonderful to hear Tonya. Do you have any other advice for your friends or other homeowners in the midst of deciding what to do with their own wood floors?


Two things. I'd make sure they connect with the right professional from the beginning and I'd suggest they spend the time to truly understand the diverse options available. There are so many creative looks that are available these days using different products and techniques. You have a rare opportunity to create something truly unique as well as matched to the needs of your family. Make sure you understand all your options and your own vision before you get too far into the process.


Sounds like very good advice Tonya! We hear you are planning a party for your son's soccer team.


We are! I don't have a policy on cleats yet but I'm guessing they will take them off at the door. By moving a couple of walls, we opened up the living room and kitchen to be more welcoming and functional for larger social events like this. We are looking forward to it. So long as any shots on goal happen outside.


What do your friends think of your new floor and home?


They love it. It has these white accents in it now that kinda wink at you. And it is more than just how they look. Floors treated with penetrating oils have a comfortable and natural feel to them. Some of my friends have asked if the floor is finished, because they have never experienced the look and feel of a wood floor treated like mine before.  When I putter around in the mornings in my bare feet, I really love the way our floor not only looks, but feels!

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