Waterborne, Ceramic-Fortified Finishes

Arboritec’s complete line of wood floor finish is built around two principal elements:

  • nanotechnology, and
  • ceramic silica.

Instead of applying new technologies to existing products, Arboritec has always engineered extremely durable, environmentally responsible waterborne finishes using nanoscale ceramic silica. It’s core to who we are as a company. 


Arboritec’s finishes simply work better, are more durable, and last longer than those using conventional technologies, or those created from petrochemical sources. We formulate our finishes with components that maximize durability through high solid content while minimizing VOCs. Because they emit no harmful fumes, so there is no need to vacate your home like when petroleum-based finishes are used. 

Avenue Elite

Best - Toughest 2-Part
Reinforced Commercial Finish
Better - Highest Performing 1-Part
Commercial Finish
Good - Single Part
Residential Finish

For complete information on our full line of ceramic-fortified, waterborne finishes, sealers and recoat products, please visit the Arboritec USA corporate site.   

Can I Buy Arboritec Finish Online?

Arboritec does not sell our finish online. Our line of wood floor finishes is available through wood flooring professionals. We can do our best to recommend a professional in your area to assist you with your flooring needs. Should you need help connecting with a wood flooring professional who uses Arboritec products and can meet you project needs, simply fill out the form below:

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