Professional Wood and Luxury Vinyl Floor Refresher

Professional Wood and Luxury Vinyl Floor Refresher

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About the product

Professional, ready-to-use, modern maintenance solution designed by Arboritec experts to maintain the beauty and shine of your hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, parquet, bamboo, or cork floors. Arboritec Refresher has been crafted to provide the ultimate in wood floor care.


  • Adds shine and luster to all polyurethane finished wood floors
  • Could also be used on LVT, VCT, laminate, vinyl and linoleum floors
  • Rejuvenates the floor from visual signs of wear and tear
  • Dissolves previous coats with each new application without adding build up
  • Recommended maintenance after every 5th cleaning with Arboritec Cleaner
  • Non-toxic and safe for use in households with children and pets


Vacuum, or dust mop the floor to remove all dirt and loose particles. Clean with Arboritec Cleaner following label instructions. Pour Arboritec Refresher directly onto the floor. Disperse with a clean microfiber mop. Do not dilute the Refresher. Let dry. The floor is ready to use after 30-60 minutes.

If you own a flooring store or cleaning service and would like to discuss large quantity discounts, please email us directly.